Influence Of Tango Dancing

The modern tango dancing is a polished, sultry yet professional dance. Emerging from the cornerstone of Argentine, it has a long and complex history, which is much debated upon. However, the influence of Tango dancing in modern times is there for everybody to be seen.

The influence of Tango dance in activities related to gymnastics, figure skating, synchronized swimming, etc are not concealed. The dramatic feeling and cultural associations with romance have been well integrated in these sports activities. Gymnastics and skaters have long turned to tango dancing lessons to learn about carriage and posture. The dance has helped them in presenting themselves in their best forms to an audience of tens of thousands. In the recent times, more and more actors, supermodels and athletes have hit the dance floor for competitions and events.

Tango dancing influence can be seen on the dancers, skaters and synchronized swimmers, trying to move at a much quicker clip. That's what is giving the sport its growing power.
goal in any dancing, whether it is on ice or tango, is to tell a compelling story. The influence of Tango dancing drama and the passion brings the dance to life. The rising popularity of such sports events based on tango dancing is a proof, boding well for the future.

Another influence of Tango dancing can be seen in the health related field s such as

neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's sufferers, who were given tango dancing lessons, showed marked improvements in balance and other measures. According to researchers, tango dancing uses numerous forms of movement including dynamic balance, turning, initiation of movement etc; Moving at a variety of speeds and walking backward, during tango dancing is especially relevant for Parkinson's disease patients.

Tango dancing influence is also seen in leading to better heart health, better balance, improved memory, and weight loss.