Tango Dancing With Partner

Once you have mastered the basic steps of tango, you can start off with Tango dancing with partner. With more practice and improvisations, you can further add variations to your dancing style, thus making it unique.


Here are a few guidelines when you tango dance with partner:


  • Stand close to your partner, touching your bodies.
  • If you are leading the dance, place your right hand at the center of your partner's lower back and with your left hand, lightly hold your partner's right hand.
  • If you are following the lead, your left hand should be placed on his right shoulder, while holding his left hand with your right hand.
  • The lead will initiate the dance, walking slowly and starting with the left foot. He will land first on the heel followed by the toes. The partner is expected to replicate the steps.
  • On the second beat of the music, you should slowly, take a step with your right foot so it glides past the left, when tango dancing with partner.
  • To the third beat, replicating the first two steps, quickly, you have to start with a forward movement with the left foot and a quick movement to the right with the right foot, while shifting the weight between both feet.
  • Slipping your left foot towards your right foot, on the fourth beat, keep it bent, while maintaining the weight on the right foot.
  •  Now, taking a half-turn in a clockwise direction, transfer your body weight from the right to the left foot. Quickly step forward with your right foot while doing so. Now, stepping forward with your right foot, complete the half-turn.
  • Go over the same guide once you join your feet together at the end of the beat.

Tango dancing with partner has been rightly called “dancing in the heart”. Tango dance with partner does not only relate to the music, but requires both dancers to get involved completely. A romantic and passionate dance, you can bring out your best in you and your partner and do justice to the tango.