Music For Tango Dancing

People searching for good music for Tango dancing often are faced with two challenges: to know which recordings are likely to be the best for tango and where to buy them. Well, the majority of the tango music used for dancing was recorded by the major orchestras that played during the late 1930s through the early 1950s, which is also known as the golden age of tango. The diversity of these great orchestras is represented in well-recorded music for Tango dance in CD’s, which is most suitable for dancing.

When looking for good Tango dancing music , one is advised to start with with the four great orchestras of the golden age—D' Arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo and Pugliese. One can later move on to some of the other major orchestras of the golden age like: Caló, Tanturi, DeAngelis, Laurenz and Biagi. Some of the big names in Tango dance music today are : Juan D' Arienzo, Carlos Di Sarli, Osvaldo Pugliese, and Anibal Troilo. They have produced excellent music for tango dancing, which is still popular at milongas in Buenos Aires.

When starting a collection of Tango music, one can easily find recordings of Carlos Gardel and Astor Piazzolla that are prominent in this category. Although the music by these artists is easily available, they did not record music intended for social dance. It is also best to avoid recordings for stage shows as most of the music played here can sound excellent and well recorded, but the music is too fast for tango dancing.

Where to buy good music for Tango dancing? Most of the tango music available in music stores is generally not too suitable for dancing.  Therefore, searching online and ordering is often the best option. Some of the best online sources for music for Tango dance are the Tango Montreal website, classics of Tango Dance Music and Mike Lavocah's recommendations.

Your final guide for good Tango dancing music should be your own ears, sense of rhythm, and style.