Top 5 Bahrain Stag Destinations

A stag is a word used mainly used to mean the last day of freedom. It is marked with a celebration for someone to end life as being a bachelor and starting a new life or a chapter as a loving husband. Before a man start a family life or enter a marriage he is treated to a night out which he will never forget in his near future. To organize for a good stag destination it is good to have a variety of destinations in which the stag will be held. Consider all the destinations available and match them with the kind of activities you want to act as a passage of rite.

Since there are many great locations it is easily to be overwhelmed and because of this many people transfer that burden to external stag do planning companies. These planners do a good job but it is expensive and therefore I would suggest you do it yourself. Below I have highlighted the best destinations in Bahrain.

Hawar Island

This is an island that is located south east of the main land it boasts a number of luxury resorts and dozen types of equipment that will help you in various water sports. The island is lined with numerous broken cliffs which makes it more popular. The rest of the island most of it flat and you can enjoy walking across or lazing in the beach taking a nap of the ocean breeze

Al Jazeer Beach

This is the most European styled beach in the Middle East where a glass of cold beer attracts little to no attention. The beach has various facilities that you will like and this consist of barbecue services and several cafes.

Al-Dar and Bird

These are islands located about eight nautical miles from the east cost of the mainland and they are very popular among boaters. The islands have not been well touched by modernity thus offering a calm environment in which visitors can engage and indulge in all type of activity in expansive wild. The islands have many facilities including restaurants and bathrooms.

Bahrain Yacht Club

This is another spectacular destination that you should include when choosing a stag destination. This is a modern club that enjoys a huge popularity among boaters and water sport enthusiasts and it have a huge following of more than 800 members. Here you are going to enjoy facilities of the club and even get a chance to train as a sailor in case you are interested. Apart from training and enjoying the facilities you can be entertained by watching competitions of all kinds and this usually attract a huge crowd.

Jebel al Dukhan

This is a mount that is the highest in the whole of Bahrain and in other words it is known as mount of smoke. The mountain is featured by low lying hills in the south and the location is popular among campers and those who are unimpressed by the sandy hills while on the top of the mountain you can have a clear view of intriguing attractions such as Al-Areen Park and even the tree of life.

To conclude this it is good to note that though the country is still on its traditions and culture it is also a hub of tourism. To ensure that you are in a position to visit these places next time you have a stag equip yourself with a Bahrain visa. To get a Bahrain evisa you need to visit Bahrain embassy in the country that you are in. once you have this document then there is no doubt you will have the stag in Bahrain and it will be remarkable.