Basic Steps Of Tango Dancing

The basic steps of Tango dancing are complete in five beats, even though you will find the rhythm to be in eight beats.  You will find that some beats in Tango are more stressed than others, with the last beat involving a movement from the left to right or vice versa. Go through the basic Tango dancing steps in this article.


Getting started

Select tango music with a slow, steady one-two-three-four beat, emphasizing on the one and three beats. To begin with, Argentine Tango music is found to suit the best, but one can always go for slow rock or a rumba, which will work equally well.

Before you start practicing the steps in Tango dancing, listen to the music to find the beat. Then start walking in a counter-clockwise circle around the room. Try to land on the balls of your feet as you walk around the room. Now, try to walk backward around the circle now. While you are practicing the Tango dance steps, look over your shoulder to see where you are going. Women should look over to their right shoulder; while the men are supposed to look over their left shoulder.

Instructions for Men: steps of Tango dance
The should face their partner, placing their right arm on her lower back. They should also straighten your upper body, while keeping the weight of their body on the balls of the feet. Using their right hand, they have to pull their partner towards them. To do this, he may have to shift to the side a bit so as to avoid any knees bumping with each other when learning basic steps of Tango dancing.

Now, extending the left arm up and to the side, apply gentle pressure on to your partner's palm. This soft pressure against her palm will help her know which way you are going as you lead. With your feet close together, you should take a step forward with your left foot and then forward with your right foot. Bringing your left foot next to your right, keep your weight on the right foot. You are now back to the starting point.

Repeat these basic Tango dancing steps, guiding your partner around the room in a circle.

Instructions for Women: steps of Tango dance

acing your partner, place your left hand on his arm above his bicep, while straightening your upper body. Keeping your weight on the balls of your feet, try to extend your right arm up and to the side. You have to keep it tense, as this tension will allow you to sense your partner's movements better, while making it easier to follow his lead. After standing with your feet close together, step backward with your right foot and then with your left foot. Bringing your right foot next to your left, try to keep your weight on the left foot. You are now back to the starting position.

Repeat these steps in Tango dancing as your partner guides you around the room. Pay attention to body language, for any little pushes or pulls as he guides you.

Some variations in the steps of Tango dancing are:

One can change the Tango dance steps by altering the basic step by standing in place as you do the two-step. You can then step backward on the second step to do la Cunita, or the Rock-Step. One can also combine the basic two-step with some of these variations and don't be afraid to experiment.